Signs of Child Abuse & Neglect

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, which means we will be putting extra care and attention to education & resources all about supporting kids to have safe and thriving lives. Today, we're breaking down signs of child abuse and neglect, but keep in mind, that just because you see one sign does not mean maltreatment... Continue Reading →

“A Series of Unfortunate Events” | Life Applications

I have always been a fan of A Series of Unfortunate Events, written by Daniel Handler. The many books accompanied me after checking out of the school's library, and the never ending and tragic tale of this family left me with the desire to keep reading as I hoped for better outcomes. Presently, the Netflix series... Continue Reading →

Understanding the Effects of Child Abuse & Neglect

When working within the child welfare or family services field of social work, it is vital to understand the trauma that occurs from abuse and maltreatment, as well as resulting behaviors that stem from this horrific treatment. In my time at university, and throughout my various internships, volunteer work, and professional experience, the effects of... Continue Reading →

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