Micro, Mezzo & Macro Social Work

Social workers have roles in many levels of society - micro, mezzo, and macro. Today, we'll describe what each of these levels encompass and specific jobs a social worker does. Keep in mind, one social worker can perform in various levels, and they each can be integrated together for holistic, positive change. Micro Social Work... Continue Reading →

6 Signs of a Great Social Work Supervisor

Supervision in social work is an essential part of effective practice, support, and preventing burnout. A supervisor can make or break your experience at an organization, and is essential for licensure and growth. I've had mixed experiences with supervisors, and through this, have gained insight on what really makes a good social work supervisor. They... Continue Reading →

BIPOC & AAPI Mental Health Resources

This blog post will serve as a catch-all for great resources for BIPOC and AAPI individuals seeking mental health care and support. https://www.naminh.org/resources-2/bipoc/ Mental Health Resources For Black, Indigenous, And People Of Color 14 Organizations and People Working to Support BIPOC Mental Health During the Coronavirus Crisis We Are Not OK: Mental Health Resources for... Continue Reading →

Terminating in Social Work: 2 Pathways for Ending Therapy

Terminating in social work happens for many reasons, including the client not engaging in services, being referred out to another agency, or the client reaching all treatment goals and no longer requiring services. Ideally, termination is a gradual process, but in the field of social work, ideals may not always occur. Before we discuss the... Continue Reading →

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