What to Do Over Break

  1. Work and make that money! You have time to work a lot, so do it now when you don’t have school responsibilities.
  2. Volunteer.
  3. Clean out your room and closet. Sell or donate all of the things you know you don’t need or want, but have yet to get rid of.
  4. Read allllllll the books.
  5. Write.
  6. Form habits now that will hopefully stick when the semester starts.
  7. Get ahead on textbook reading. Don’t go crazy or stress out, but maybe dig into a textbook or just get an overview of what you’ll be learning in the semester to come.
  8. Sit down and write out like a million blog posts, projects, plans. I love doing this. This way, during the semester, everything is written for my tumblr, or my printables are made, and all I have to do is hit “Post.”
  9. Workout! Similar to building new habits, start exercising. Catch up on those months at school of not doing a whole lot.
  10. Spend lots of time with your family and friends, and really enjoy the holiday. Give yourself a break. Have fun. Relax.
  11. After you’re done relaxing, keep grinding while others are sleeping. Work while others and resting. Get ahead and keep striving for greatness.
  12. Go to seminars, listen to TedTalks, keep growing and learning new things about your field of study or something you’re passionate about.
  13. Start or finish a Netflix show you’ve been meaning to get to.
  14. Practice new makeup looks and put together some spicy outfits.
  15. Travel. Even if it’s not that far away.
  16. Detox. Drink water, and eat your vegetables. Rejuvenate your body after a possibly unhealthy semester.
  17. Sleep. Even though you apparently cannot catch up or get ahead on sleep, try it anyways. Really relish in your comfort, and don’t set an alarm for a few days. Let your body and mind rest. You’ve worked hard.
  18. Make your New Year Resolutions, with a plan as to how you can reach them in realistic and actionable steps.
  19. Dive deep into one of your passions.
  20. Visit a museum, park, or gallery. Keep learning about culture.
  21. Keep working hard, but at a normal capacity you may not do during the semester. Continue to strive for greatness, but give yourself more free time, and more opportunities for growth, relaxation, and preparation. Have fun, and live in the moment. The future is not guaranteed.

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