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As stated in my previous blog post, “Where I’ve Been & What I’m Up To,” I moved to New York City in July, as I will be beginning the Advanced Standing Program for Columbia University’s Graduate School of Social Work. I grew up and came from a very small town – a place the complete opposite of The Big Apple. However, due to me and my partner being in a long distance relationship for almost two and half years, I frequented the City as he resided nearby. It’s been a learning experience, with a definite curve present, but I have learned so much and have really honed in on my schedule and routine. Below you will find just that, and I hope you enjoy!

  1. Wake up at 6:00 am and go for a run or a walk – I use MapMyRun and have it synced with MyFitnessPal for tracking my health.
  2. Yoga or stretching when I arrive home.
  3. Call or text my partner 🙂
  4. Shower, skin care, and brush and floss my teeth.
  5. Make a cup of coffee (and also get a glass of water), and log it into MyFitnessPal 🙂 – I’m not really a breakfast person, so I typically only have a cup of coffee in the morning.
  6. Moisturize, makeup, and hair.
  7. Get dressed, put on deodorant/perfume/jewelry. In the summer, it’s been so HOT in New York, so I’ve been opting for dresses and skirts.
  8. Make my bed and tidy up my room.
  9. Quiet Time – For me this looks like reading my Bible, journaling, and praying.
  10. Complete my language lesson (currently Spanish) on Duolingo, and a coding lesson via the app Grasshopper.
  11. Read ten pages from a book (Maybe more depending on if it really grabs my attention).
  12. Look over my schedule for the day, check and respond to emails and social media, and ensure I have a detailed to do list handy.
  13. Start my day! – Begin checking off those items on my to do list, continue to moderate my email, and experience city life!

Now, this routine is going to change rather quickly, as tomorrow (Yes, tomorrow!), I begin my Advanced Standing summer classes for Columbia University. I will also be beginning to work full-time as an Assistant Supervisor for a group home for people with developmental disabilities. So at this moment, I am enjoying a calm summer, with relaxed days and plenty of sleep, because it is all about to fade away.

If you’re interested in knowing how my schedule and routines change with all of these upcoming times, just let me know, and I’ll be sure to write an updated blog post on how I manage everything.

Enjoy your summers, and make sure to take time to self care so that you can ROCK as social workers!


Laura Swanson, BSW

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