Coping Skills BINGO | Group Activity

As part of the continuing series, I’d like to introduce BINGO as a fun and interactive group experience for all ages. This particular BINGO setup is specific to coping skills, but you may adjust the word list to describe a variety of counseling and social work skills.

The setup is relatively straightforward. I have provided a blank BINGO board printable here, as well as a list of coping skills (here) that can be utilized.


  • Blank BINGO Boards
  • Board Markers
  • Dry Erase Markers (if applicable)
  • Coping Skills List for each member
  • Coping Skills List to choose from

To begin, print out enough BINGO boards for your group’s size. I’ve created a set of three different designs, and for free, you may access them here. If you believe multiple rounds will be played, laminate the boards, or place them in sheet protectors, and use dry erase markers. Have each player look at the provided list of coping skills, and at random, write them down on his or her blank BINGO board. Prior to beginning, be sure that you have printed an extra list of coping skills, and have cut, folded, and placed them in a bowl to be chosen from.

Begin the game, and enjoy discussing various coping skills, and perhaps why an individual gravitated towards a skill. This version of BINGO also encourages group members to seek out alternative coping skills, and explore other methods that may assist them.

As stated previously, you may also tweak this version of BINGO to fit a variety of other topics such as:

  • Feelings and Situations
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Healthy Behaviors
  • Reactions to Situations
  • Positive Thoughts
  • Daily or Healthy Habits
  • Self Care Tasks

Enjoy, and feel free to leave feedback and other BINGO variations below!

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