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This will be the first post in a series of many in regards to activities that can be done within a group setting. Many times, having a craft and activity to complete, while discussing more sensitive topics, allows for easier conversation and openness. It reminds me loosely of EMDR Therapy, in which an individual’s eyes move in accordance to the counselor’s fingers or other instrument. This therapy allows for trauma processing, and many believe, it is due to the ease with which it is to talk about traumatic topics when concentrating on another object. The group in which I have found success in these activities is a lovely cohort of teenage females. Feel free to adjust the lesson and activity based on your population – I have done the same, and I have molded lessons to fit, as well as have been loosely inspired by others. I will provide links to helpful resources. Enjoy and have an enlightening group session!

Supplies Needed

  • Mason Jars – 1 Per Individual
  • Mini Paint Brushes
  • Tissue Paper of Various Colors and Designs
  • Plastic Bowls or Cups
  • Liquid Glue
  • Tea Light Candles – Real or Electronic

Craft: Candle Light

Have the group tear apart pieces of tissue paper. Use the paint brushes and glue, and place the tissue paper onto the Mason Jar. Complete this step repeatedly until the jar is covered and in a beautiful and creative design. When completed, place a tea light inside the jar, and you have yourself a beautiful candle.

Lesson: Light in Darkness – Talking About Safety

Throughout this craft time, discuss the topic of safety and safe people with the group. Some of the following questions may be utilized, or you may allow for the discussion to naturally flow.

  • What situations and individuals make them feel safe?
  • Who can they trust to talk with?
  • What individuals would they not talk to?
  • What situations make them feel safe and unsafe?

Wrapping it all up, encourage the group to utilize the safe people and settings in their life, and to use their candles as a reminder that there are individuals and places that can bring light to and keep us safe in otherwise harrowing situations.

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