But I Can Try: Doing it All in a World that Says You Can’t

Most people nowadays say that they are busy. What are they busy with exactly? Who knows. We even use our busy schedule as an excuse for missing appointments, skipping social engagements, and turning assignments in late.

My response to this: Do better.

Now this is not a post to brag about how my life is so much busier than your’s–Because I don’t know that and it is not my place to say what things should take up your time or not. I do think that we make too many excuses, and as busy as we say we are, we are not even close to the amount of busy we claim to be.

What matters in terms of time management and having a full schedule is what you consider to be important in your life. As a woman, it used to be said that we must choose between a career, raising a family, and pursuing other passions. But, if our passions and hobbies are truly something we want to pursue and things we are genuinely passionate about, we would FIND THE TIME for them. We would not make excuses or find pointless busy work–We would strive for our goals and act on what we want.

One way to combat this issue of remaining detached from living fully, I believe, is to apply the following verse to every part of your life – no matter your beliefs.

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. ~1 Corinthians 10:31, NIV The Holy Bible

I understand my bias because of my Christian values, but I do believe the underlying principles of this verse can be applied to everyone’s lives. Eating and drinking are every-day tasks that non-impoverished individuals don’t have to worry about. We live life, not giving much thought as to what we will eat or drink. In short, what this verse is saying, is no matter what task it is (it could be the MOST mundane paperwork), do it with passion, excitement, and gladness! Nobody wants to waste their life, so don’t! When you force yourself to find the positive and greatness in the small and unimportant tasks, it becomes a daily habit. And with that, it can penetrate your life so that EVERY SECOND is spent in productivity and progress.

To conclude, I want to leave you with conversational remarks I had with my grandmother the other day:

My grandmother responding to me coming home, only to leave in a hurry, “You know Laura, you have to slow down at some point, you’re not going to last. You can’t do EVERYTHING.”

Me: “But I can try.”

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