Self-Care for Your Health Care

In order to remain and healthy and well-functioning member of society, it is vital to take your mind, body, and soul. This rings especially true with high-stress jobs – Such as my passion of social work. Whatever your life brings, make sure to take time for yourself to recuperate. Because you cannot adequately conquer the world running on empty.

An Evening Routine

  • My evening routine (when I actually utilize it) relaxes me and gets me ready for sleep.
  • What tends to take place is the removal of my makeup, a face mask, a lengthy and hot shower, brushing and flossing my teeth, and then drinking lots of ice cold water and hot tea.
  • Following this, I remove any excess makeup that may have been left behind, I use my acne treatment, and then massage coconut oil into my face and neck and leave as a sort of oil-mask.
  • After this, I brush out my hair, and put in leave-in conditioner, and then place in a top-knot.
  • Then, as I am still in my robe and slippers, I first moisturize problem areas with stretch-mark removal lotion, and then use a nice vanilla bean lotion on the other areas of my body.
  • Subsequently, I get into leggings, comfy bra, and oversize shirt.
  • Then I use a callus remover on the bottoms of my feet, soak them in coconut oil, and put socks on to allow the oil to sink into my feet and soften them.
  • If I feel I have the time, and my nails are not looking great, I do a bit of manicuring and pedicuring, typically with a neutral pink or cream polish.
  • After all of this physical self-care, I like to read, do my nightly devotions, journal, plan the next day, pick out my outfit, and then video chat my boyfriend. All of this ends my day on the highest note, and I can sleep fairly easily.

Take Care of Your Mind & Your Soul

Our minds are constantly busy and stimulated by the world around us. It’s vital for your overall functioning to take time and calm that beautiful mind of your’s! Good mental health will significantly impact your life for the better!

  • Meditate and pray every day! Get spiritual, and spend time in the quiet in order to ponder.
  • Journal everything: Thoughts, feelings, events. It doesn’t have to be crazy inspirational or deep, sometimes just having a book in which you can recall certain times and days is perfectly fine.
  • Take care of your physical body, and get the end-of-day rewind routine down…All of that time for yourself counts as self-care too!
  • For SUPER busy souls, consider waking up earlier for quiet time, or just a few minutes to be by yourself. Get some inner reflection going on.
  • If you are particularly stressed, take a notepad and write out every single detail, to-do, thought, etc. on the paper — Whether it’s about school, work, or anything else, write it down! Then you can organize your thoughts in a nice manner and not be intimidated because of your racing mind.
  • Continue to learn and grow in your education – Even if you’re not in school! Something important I want to point out here is also, learn about your passions or topics you find incredibly interesting, but never get the chance to explore.
  • Experience culture more: Go to festivals, ethnic on-campus events, museums (even small-town historical societies), and art galleries. Experience your community on every level.
  • Learn what coping methods and stress relief skills work best for you, and practice them daily. This could be deep-breathing exercises, yoga,

Instill Healthy Habits

  • Get lots and lots of  sleep, because it genuinely helps your body.
  • Drink lots and lots of water. Because I am prone to dehydration, my doctor recommends drinking at least 100 oz of water….Not including the excess water I need to drink because of my coffee intake. It’s said (by my mother) that for every 1 cup of coffee, you should have 2 glasses of water. I myself am still working on this, but I’ll get there.
  • Similar to the above, drink lemon water in the morning before drinking coffee or any caffeinated beverage.
  • Figure out if you’re a morning person or night person, and adjust working out for your type. In terms of exercise, I LOVE cardio with a passion, especially in these warmer months in NY when we can run outdoors, go hiking, or just a simple walk through the park. This is incredibly important as well, if your goal is to lose body fat.
    • **Disclaimer** With running, be careful of your knees!! I have heard many people say that running, over time and done regularly, can harm your joints. So maybe incorporate some walking into your routine as well!
    • And don’t forget to do your stretches! And try some strength or resistance workouts too!! Don’t be afraid to sweat out the stress.
  • Utilize a habit tracker! I love to do this, and it is very helpful when you want to see monthly progress!


With these suggestions in mind, find what works best for you and do your very best to actually incorporate them into your life consistently. Soon, these things will become so natural, you most likely will not even consciously realize you’re participating in this self-love acts.

And remember, we all get stressed. We all have bad days. It will be okay, whether that’s tomorrow or sometime more in the future. Just keep on trying, and know that every single second is a fresh start–Don’t just wait for the next day to try again, start RIGHT NOW!




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