Side Hustles & Passive Incomes in the Human Services Field

It’s well known that the majority of social workers do not go in the profession for the income, but for serving others. It is with this that a financial burden may find itself resting on the shoulders of a social worker. If you find yourself looking for a more money in order to be more comfortable, give more, or go on a fun vacation, this post provides the ideas and brainstorming needed to do so.

I’d like to initially state that some of these are not so passive as they may seem – You may have to work in order to see the increase in finances, but you don’t need extra training or education for it!

  1. Utilize Social Media – Connect with Advertising
    1. YouTube
    2. Create a Blog (use WordPress!)
    3. Have a Podcast
    4. Write an eBook
    5. Post on Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  2. Become a Seller on Amazon, Craigslist, and Etsy.
  3. Teach on online class, or start your own classroom and courses.
  4. Buy low-priced items at yard sales and sell them for a higher price to others for the profit.
  5. Write transcripts for companies or proofread.
  6. Sell your books. (This is more a suggestion for others, as I find it incredibly difficult to part with my collection).
  7. Simply decrease the amount you spend on going out, clothing, etc. Sacrifice one month to not spend ANYTHING on non-essentials and see how much you save!
  8. Tutor others in your best subject – Use your knowledge to educate others!
  9. Speak at conferences
  10. Sell at farmer’s markets, festivals, etc.
  11. Have a lemonade stand, baked goods table, or booth selling home-grown vegetables.
  12. Find a passion and do it on the side – Hair, nails, personal styling, lifestyle blogging.
  13. Invest in Real Estate and work your way through understanding the Stock Market and Investments.
  14. See if your work will pay extra for you to give training and instruct prevention programs on topics in your field.

Bottom line – Find your passion, and utilize the trending platforms to make your passion known and public! Educate others and become an expert in YOUR field! Whatever your field is, with today’s connected world and advanced technologies, anyone can make it while pursuing their passion. Just keep being hungry and striving for greatness! Social workers are amazing, so it’s time more people make that known!


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