Getting Out of a Productivity Slump

As it’s seen by my lack in posting these last two weeks, I’ve found myself in a bit of a slump. Busy-ness makes oneself exhausted, and it appears that as soon as I’m home from a long day, I lose all sense of motivation and productivity. If you have found yourself in a similar situation, please read on and take to heart the words I am also preaching to myself.

Look at that vision board you made. I know for a fact that one of the reasons my motivation and productivity was weaning was in part due to my vision board being tucked away and out of sight. It could also help to update your vision board, and perhaps add some additional inspiring figures. Looking at the same pictures can be motivating for some people, but at times, you may need to spice it up and re-vamp your vision board for a renewed sense of passion, and in turn, productivity.

Stay at school or work longer, or go earlier. When I am at home, it is only when motivation or stress is incredibly tangible, that I ever get massive amounts of work done. Something that has helped me jump over this hurdle is getting on campus a few hours before my classes begin. Because working third shift is a habit of mine, sleeping in became a necessity. However, now that I’ve cut down a bit on working hours, the ability to wake up earlier is attainable. Start out small though. Don’t think waking up at five and getting to school at seven is for everyone. Maybe you can do that, but don’t go crazy. If you ease into waking up earlier and being productive, there’s a greater chance of the habit sticking around for longer.

Write down a detailed to-do list, and follow it strictly. Simply aim to complete the list, but not necessarily be productive. In other words, trick your mind into believing you’re following instructions, not actually getting work done. I do this all the time when laziness is infiltrating my being. Live to check off the items. Don’t think of it as work, just the need to cross off some tasks. Taking the “work” out of it may help to get through the first few tasks, of which could then enable you to get into work-mode and finish the list efficiently and well.

Don’t forget about structure and schedules. Similar to the previous tip, I find myself slipping up when I neglect my planner, study schedules, and habit tracker. On days when I feel most productive, all of my resources are utilized without question, and lists are followed without hesitation. Without this, my goals and plans are lost out of sight, and my precious time becomes wasted.

Talk to someone that motivates or inspires you. For myself, this person would be my boyfriend. He is someone I strive to continuously impress, and someone I feel the need to work hard for because he himself is such a productive and inspiring individual. Find that person for you. It could be a mentor, an inspirational speaker, anyone. You don’t have to necessarily talk to them–It could be watching one of Simon Sinek’s videos on work ethic. Whatever it is, find another human that pushes that start button in you.

Turn off or take away every single distraction. I don’t just mean turning your phone on silent or shutting it off. I like to completely uninstall certain apps from my phone, block websites (Netflix or YouTube) on my laptop, and really be harsh with what is taking my time. Uninstalling apps helps combat the urge to simply turn on my phone. You would maintain your account, and can re-install after you’re done working, but don’t risk the wasted time and annoying dopamine-effective notifications. This is real life you’re working for, stop messing around.

Just do it. Simple, yet motivating. Sit yourself down. Open up the textbook, class notes, or any other work-related task, and just get it done. Stress will increase to overwhelming levels if you continue to put off tasks. Be real with yourself, and be your own mean boss. Sometimes it pays to be hard on yourself.

As you begin to apply some or all of these steps to your life, know that I am doing so as well. I am just as much preaching to myself as I am to you, and hope to display my newfound productivity every day. Keep on striving for greatness, and don’t settle for anything less than your highest potential.

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