How to Live Like A Girl Boss

Utilize a planner, bullet journal, or some other form of time tracking. I have wanted to use a bullet journal for the longest time, but I had to be real with myself and accept that a bullet journal does not motivate me to plan. It is also inconvenient for me to add to a bag or purse. For this reason, I have my hardbound Erin Condren Planner purchased via Amazon, as well as multiple legal pads for daily to-do lists, homework charts, and random thoughts and ideas. Legal pads are easier to carry with me, and do not take up much space in my bag. With this, find what works best for you, not what the cutest trend is.

Related to the previous suggestion, plan out everything you possibly can the night before. This could include choosing your outfit based on the weather, packing a healthy lunch and a gym bag, setting alarms for the morning, and writing out a to do lists. Get ahead of the day to come, and it will result in a more pleasant flow to that morning.

Start waking up earlier. Here, I address the reader who is a more productive worker in the morning. A large aspect of waking up earlier is the thought that the individual waking up is more productive in the morning. If you are a night owl, you still need a good eight hours of sleep, so it would be more difficult for you to wake up earlier. At the least, find at what period during the day you are most productive. Currently, I am a night owl because of the inconvenient number of third shifts I work. This does not mean I will never again be what my heart desires–an early bird. I have accepted that I am more productive in the mornings, and that it is enjoyable to get large amounts of work done by nine o’clock. Be sure to have objectivity, and truly self-assess whether or not staying up late or waking up early is what you ought to be practicing.

Establish a morning routine. If you have not yet read My Morning Routine for a Successful Day, I encourage you to do so. There, helpful tips and tricks to get your day started on the right foot ares shared, in order to give oneself a day of productivity and accomplishment.

Exhaust all your resources during the day, so you can rest hard at night. Go hard during the day. As soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning, get started, and get started fast. Every single second is precious, and it is my nightmare to realize that I am wasting any of that time. If you drain yourself during the day, and put all of your effort towards greatness and success, you will also be able to sleep better at night. A day of laziness brings a night of poor rest, because the lazy person does not need to refresh at night.

Never stop looking or feeling the part. It is always most beneficial to wear what makes you feel the most confident, or achieve the most items on your to-do list. However, that does not mean that dressing comfortably must lack style and appeal. I have come to the point in my life that I feel the most #girlboss when I am dressed well, with my hair and makeup done, and a cute manicure in place. In terms of feeling like a girl boss, this can be physical and spiritual. Eat healthy and wholesome proportions, drink a solid 80 ounces of water a day, and dripping with sweat at least four times a week can aid in feeling healthier as well as decreasing stress levels. Changing small parts of your routine could significantly alter your physical feelings of tiredness, and may enable you to walk up a flight of stairs and not pant. On the spiritual side, as a Christian, it is a priority to spend time reading my Bible and praying every day. I typically to do this in the morning, so that I may start my day with my soul feeling at peace and full of Jesus. If you do not have Christian faith, you can still soothe your soul with meditation and quiet time, deep breathing exercises, and journaling. Find what brings you peace, and make it a post-wake up, pre-bedtime ritual.

Do what you have to do to get where you want to be. (This does not include anything illegal or unethical. More in the sense of working hard). A girl boss understands that success is not obtained without hard work and dedication. Get out of your comfort zone everyday, and truly challenge yourself to meet deadlines. Getting less sleep may be a sacrifice you have to make for a little while. Networking as an introvert or shy individual may be something you have to do in order to be recognized more, or heighten yourself in a certain field. Do not stop chasing after what you want because of challenges that may arise, or discomfort you may feel. If it is truly your dream, you will do what you have to do in order to see results.

Realize your potential. As my final note, I would like to address a difficult point: Not everyone will be successful. Now, success is a subjective experience, but nonetheless, the point stands true. You have to make a decision if success–whatever that means to you–is something you truly desire. If it is, then unleash that work ethic and girl-boss inside of you, and start hustling. We are all capable of greatness, but what separates the successful from the average is the realization that we can and will accomplish great things.


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