How to Remain Productive While Travelling

Hello All!

It’s custom for myself and my significant other to travel via bus and train to spend time together each month. Flight is too expensive for a couple of college students, so the tips provided below may have a hint of bias towards bus and train travelling, though I have recently gone to the Dominican Republic and used air travel for such.

Enjoy the tips below as you apply them to your travels and lifestyle, and remember that we each have different needs and desires–Not all tips are meant for every single person. Thank you!

  1. Be real with yourself, and attempt to best estimate how much work you will actually accomplish. I used to be the lady who would bring a large and heavy backpack filled with my school things, but my travel was spent listening to music and staring at the passing scenery. From this, do your best to be brutally honest with yourself. If you’re able, get a tentative schedule on what your time away will look like–There’s no point in bringing textbooks or work with you if there is no actual time to do it.
  2. Perhaps keep many documents or work-related tasks on your laptop, Google Drive, or tablet. This way, the only thing you really have to bring with you is that electronic piece – And due to its more portable, travel-friendly size, will not be a hassle if you end up not doing work.
  3. Make sure you have a planner, and try block-scheduling your tasks. Similar to the above point, give yourself the minimum number of tasks to complete. Almost every month, I am on a nine-hour bus, and only ever get 2 tasks done. 9 hours appears to be a significant amount of time, but when you’re squished next to a stranger on an overnight, darkened bus, it’s quite difficult to get anything done at all. So once again, keep it real, and don’t get disappointed in yourself.
  4. Make a motivational music playlist, and put in on repeat until you do something. Music is a powerful and essentially free tool, so utilize what you can!
  5. Have a tentative plan as to what you hope accomplish, and try to be specific. Simply saying that you want to be productive or get some work done is not going to be enough to solidify acting on this desire. BE SPECIFIC. Write down or tell yourself that you want to read 18 pages of one textbook, and write a one paragraph summary on what you learned. Having a handful of detailed and specific goals is incredibly more practical than banking on your ‘motivation level’ while you’re away.
  6. As it’s said by the most successful and motivating individuals, have a WHY, and make sure it’s a solid one. Why do you want to get work done while you’re travelling? What’s so great about that? How will it help you? If you have a solid and inspiring reason why you’re working this hard and utilizing your no-work moments, it will for-sure aid in keeping you productive during your travel time.

May your travels treat you well, and may your hard work pay off. Keep on striving for greatness and hacking time management. Before you know it, you’ll be where you’ve aspired towards.

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