Welcome to The Social Work Bubble!

This is a space that I’ve curated over the years to provide affordable resources and information to fellow social workers and mental health professionals! The Social Work Bubble started as a simple blog in 2019, while I was a student in a BSW program. It has since grown to include The Social Work Bubble Blog, Podcast, Etsy Shop, and Tutoring Services!

As for myself, I am a 2019 BSW graduate from SUNY Fredonia, and a 2020 MSW graduate from Columbia University. I received my LMSW in August 2021, and currently practice as a therapist in a private practice in New York City! My experiences ranges from child welfare, disaster relief, foster care, forensic social work, supporting those with developmental disabilities, and community outreach, but currently my focus in treating adults with depression, anxiety, and trauma related disorders.

I hope you this is a space for you to ask questions, learn more, and feel challenged to keep growing and thriving in the wonderful field of social work!


~Laura Swanson, LMSW


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